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anything to win you'll hear the accusations that landed them in trouble with the law. >>> air travel, turn off your kindle or it will crash the plane. nobody every really thought that was real, did they? now the rules of thary are about -- of the air are's to change. how long until they happen? and what is still offlimits. we have answer so let's get to it. >> good halloween afternoon to you and yours. first from fox at 3:00 from the fox necessary deck. police say a group of thieves wearing halloween masks robbed an armored car in fifths and got away with more than $300,000. i happened as the armored car was parked outside a bank. the thieves dumped the getaway car outside a anybody school and then took off in another vehicle. a witness says the men seemed to have planned the robbery and it was all over within seconds. police and fbi have been searching for evidence and now they're looking for suspects. let's get to a reporter for our station wtxf, fox in philadelphia, who is live this afternoon. what's the latest there? >> reporter: the fbi now says they're looking for four suspects. witn
changes, he said, could help the new health care law's rollout go smoothly. and he cautioned, i strongly encourage you to make changes now before you are too late to get the outcomes we need. but according to a lengthy investigation in the "washington post" newspaper, the white house ignored the warnings. move forward three years, those warnings become reality. a website that could not handle the large numbers of people logging on. the white house says it will have those problems fixed by the end of this month. that's been the promise, and the author of the memo about what i just spoke tells fox news, clearly the rollout was not as smooth as it should have been. but there is still time to recover. i believe this law is a very important positive step for the country. let's get to ed henry, who's live with us from the white house this afternoon. does the white house deny that such a blunt warning came in, ed? >> no, shep, they don't deny that, but what they refuse to do is really explain why they missed these warning signs and why they didn't put one person in charge of this rollout and re
it up if you want. but at 11:36 a.m. pacific daylight time, law enforcement sources told "the los angeles times" the gunman was a transportation security administration employee at lax. he was killed by employees on friday morning. he allegedly shot and killed a fellow tsa employee. authorities will not confirm. fox news cannot confirm this. we'll continue to follow this and our breaking news coverage continues right after this. >>> it is 16 minutes past noon in los angeles where still no flights have taken off. it's our understanding after the shooting that happened. excuse me. at 9:30 this morning in terminal three there. some pictures i want to show you in our monster wall here. these are live pictures coming in to us from kabc. you can see up on the roof here, there are still authorities who are watching over and we've been seeing that all over the place. some have been armed, some have been not, some had binoculars with them. just to make sure there's nothing more going on, authorities have told us they do not believe there is another shooter. they've canvassed the whole area
perhaps asking the american public to be a little bit more patient with the rollout of his health care law which, of course, was based on the massachusetts model in trying to say give it more time. ultimately, he believes, it'll be a good thing. >> all right. live up on capitol hill. so everybody in your tv box has been testing this thing. it's my turn. i have a bigger computer anyway, it should be worthwhile. this is the, and it's beautiful, looks especially good in our background here. and if you go to this, go to new york which is where i live, it says visit the new york state site and, boom, it works perfect. but there are plenty of states that it doesn't. and that's what we're talking about. for instance, if you live in mississippi, which is where my family lives, touch mississippi and then go to mississippi apply online, oh, boom-boom-boom boom. bob barker's coming back, by the way. we hope to have the technical difficulties resolved. in a hurry? you might be able to apply faster on our marketplace call center. to talk with one of our trained representatives about appl
decision. this law got so much media coverage over the summer. part of it was to go into effect this week. lots of opponents and they were asking the judge delay the enforcement of the rule requiring clinic doctors to perform abortions at local hospitals, falling guidelines for pill undiced medical abortion, and the texas attorney general argues the law protects women and the life of the fetus. the attorney general is expected to file an emergency appeal. a texas legislator did a filibuster for 13 hours on this matter, highly controversial. it's not going into effect. that's the breaking news now. the fifth circuit court of appeals will be asked to look at it. whether they will or not, we'll let you know. >>> officials in oklahoma confirmed they captured two jail inmates after a group made a daring escape through a shower ceiling. who inmates are missing after they apparently opened some sort of hatch in this jail shower yesterday. why there's a hatch in the jail shower is beyond us. but the sheriff says the men then called through the ceiling ducts to freedom. the suspects, these guys, h
foreign intelligence purposes and only work went the law. to be sure, on occasion, we have made mistakes, some quite significant, but they're usually caused by human error or technical problems, and whenever we found mistakes we have corrected them jerk director clapper says the government does not spy on americans, and that recent leaks have misrepresented our surveillance program. the hearings also featured somesome protesters, wearing the spy glasses. lawmakers kicked out one man just as the hearing was getting started. all of this comes after the recent backlash over reports that the agency was indeed monitoring the phone calls of dozens and dozen of world leaders, including some of our closest allies. the chair of the senate intelligence commitee, the democrat, diian feinstein has been a prominent supporter of the nsa, but yesterday, and maybe for the first time, she broke ranks and claimed she is totally opposed to spying on leaders of allies. she also said that the white house told her it would stop the practice. a senior official later said that isn't true, but added the administ
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6